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Learn about the principles of a sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle. Become a part of a global change by starting with yourself and your household with our high-quality interactive webinars.

Featuring group workshops, allowing you to engage in the sustainable development practices yourself,  while meeting like-minded people!

Sustainable Lifestyle

€ 85,00Price
  • During this cource you will learn in detail about the following:

    • Sustainable improvements at home: kitchen and bedroom (eco-certificates, plants, waste and food-waste);
    • Sustainable improvements at home: bathroom and child’s room (chemicals, water use, accessories);
    • Recycling: waste, food, batteries, biogas and more;
    • Sustainable garden at home. Permaculture;
    • Personal care;
    • Sustainability in clothes and accessories;
    • Eco-vacation: eco-tourism, sustainable camping, transportation, volunteering;
    • Electronic recycling and re-use;
    • Renewables at home: biogas, solar, geothermal and Green House;     
    • Workshop: Group project
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