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Learn about the ongoing environmental and sustainable solutions from existing examples and get in touch with actual change-makers. Become a part of a global change by learning from those who work on solving global problems locally!

Featuring group workshops, allowing you to engage in the sustainable development practices yourself,  while meeting like-minded people!

Practical Sustainable Solutions

€ 90,00Price
  • During this cource you will learn in detail about the following:

    • Converting clouds to potable water (“Dar Si Hmad” from Morocco);
    • Urban environmental initiatives (with the President of the Ecolibri Association Ms. Maha Baalbaki, Senegal);
    • Practical environmental action in developing country context (with Mr. Madiou Du Barry, Guinea));
    • Permaculture and sustainable farming (examples from Sahara and Benin);
    • Affordable illumination for vulnerable communities (with “Liter of Light”, Philippines);
    • Global reforestation and eco-system recovery (with “Oceanium”, Senegal);
    • Soil revitalization in the desertification context (with Dr.Bahrhoum Kharbouch, Morocco);
    • Various levels of recycling initiatives and zero-waste economies;
    • The study of biogas potential and replication opportunities (with Dr. Lamine Ndiaye, Senegal);
    • Workshop: Group project.