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Practical Sustainability Learning for Youth | ACT Project Erasmus+ KA220 Youth

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

We all know about the challenges with the environment and the dangers posed by climate change. But what do you know about solutions? What is being done to assist the processes of sustainable development both locally and globally?

Meridian Learning Center partnered up with Accademia IRSEI and together is conducting a unique course on practical sustainable solutions. A course that teaches about the action taken by different people in different countries. It is time to ACT, so why not call the project ACT?

ACT project is aimed at uniting young people in learning about different sustainable solutions worldwide in order to understand how sustainable knowledge can be applied in different countries. Our educational course showcases projects from different countries and allows you to join the global sustainability action and get direct insight on how people prACTically fight against climate change.

The main objectives to be addressed by the ACT project are as follows:

- Focus more on solutions instead of problems;

- Spread awareness about the ongoing environmental initiatives and ways of replicating them;

- Involve more young people in global sustainability action (including those with fewer opportunities);

- Increase target group knowledge about practical solutions to environmental issues.

In practice, it will entail the following:

- A learning module for non-formal education centers;

- Digital course with online workshops and e-seminars about environmental practices;

- A video database that will be growing with every instance of the course;

The project will also involve a grand clean-up event which will be announced separately. You are more than welcome to join it wherever you are in the world.

It is going to be a great project, the results of which will be shared with you on our website as well, giving you an opportunity to join this digital voyage through different countries, while learning about sustainable solutions.

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