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Invitation to a Sustainability Workshop / August 31st

We are delighted to invite you to the Sustainability Workshop, where we will be brainstorming solutions to global challenges.

Do you have brilliant ideas in the environmental field and do you want to share them?
Do you think that some existing initiative deserves to be spread a little more?

Then take part in our International Workshop.

You will have the chance to learn, discover and share innovative experiences and initiatives in the sustainable field with people of other nationalities.

Additionally, we will have some guest speakers, who are working in the sphere of sustainable development and would be briefly telling us about their ongoing projects! So no matter whether you will be participating as a presenter of a green idea or just a part of the audience - join us during this online event in Zoom.

Are you curious?

Sign up and submit your green idea on

Engage with people who do not wait for change, but implement it. Take ACTion!

Additional information and all updates regarding this workshop will be available on this Facebook page. Feel free to invite your friends!

The event will take place on August 31st via Zoom at 16:00 - 18:00 CET Danish and Italian time :)

It will be a pleasure to see you all once more and we would be happy to hear about your green ideas! If you don't have a clear idea on your own, then you can tell us about an initiative that you think needs more attention.

Please send us an email with the topic of your choice so that we can coordinate accordingly.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

#ACT is a project co-funded by the #Erasmus+ program which aims to shift the focus from environmental challenges to solutions to encourage people to commit to protect the environment, take part in the change process and start to live more sustainably.

During these months, the project partners, Meridian Learning Center (Denmark) and Accademia IRSEI APS (Italy) have conducted a course consisting of 11 lessons (which you will soon find online in interactive format) dedicated to innovative solutions found around the world which respect both the environment and people's basic needs, such as access to water and food.

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